Need some extra money to supplement your income? There are tons of ways to do so both online and offline at the comfort of your own home. Here, we’re going to explore a few genuine ones that will get you that extra cash in no time.

1. Blogging

Virtually every online post you’ll read online about making extra money from home will tell you to start your own blog or website. Well, that’s so because this method is tried and tested. It won’t force to you install useless apps that risk your privacy neither will it have you clicking through websites that you aren’t interested in for a few pennies. By simply writing about what you like, sharing your thoughts on a subject, or selling products that you’ve created from a hobby in your site, you can earn a good income blogging. In addition, it could quickly turn into a full-time job racking in 6-figure digits. But all that depends on your enthusiasm, passion, and hard work.

2. Become a Casino Affiliate

Casino games, especially poker are quite fun just as much as they are rewarding. Make the most out of your passion for casino games by becoming a casino affiliate. It involves earning commission for every new customer you influence to sign up and make deposits in a particular casino. Several casino affiliate programs exist online. Once you’re all set, a good place to start is to poach your friends or scout potential clients in your local bar. Social media and online gaming platforms are other places from where you can dig up clients.

3. Online Surveys

This is a very easy way to make some extra cash while slacking on your couch. It involves answering questions on a wide variety of subjects online. It could be about issuing your opinions on a particular service, product, or television show. Sights such as Swagbucks and Google Opinion Rewards are well known for these kinds of paying surveys. These methods are both simple and fun. So pick which suits you and enjoy.