All of us want to live comfortably. That’s natural. Despite what happens in the wider economy, you can still live well enough if you manage your own economy correctly. Here are a few tips to do this:

Strengthen your position every month

Regardless of what you earn, try to improve your financial position every month. Putting money in a savings account or saving on food are two examples.

Keep track of your money

There’s nothing like recording your spending to make you realise how much money you might be frittering away. Perhaps you didn’t notice how much you spend on coffee-to-go or lunch. Now you know, you can cut down.

Calculate a budget

Work out a budget so that you can still enjoy your hobbies, whether that’s learning to play cards, a musical instrument or something else, as well as make sure you can pay for the essentials.

Pay off debt

If you have debts, such as credit cards, pay them off. It’s good to pay more than the minimum, if you can, to spare yourself some payments in interest. You can start with the easiest first and pay that off, or with the largest debt first and pay that off — it’s up to you how you tackle it.

Avoid buying on impulse

Often, you’ll regret buying something on impulse. Creating a shopping list and sticking to the items on it is the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Increase your sources of income

Having more than one source of income gives you a strong financial foundation. You can concentrate on different aspects of your life easier and not have to worry about what’s going on in the economy. Manage your personal economy well, by using these tips, and you’ll make life much easier for yourself.