Is your life quite hectic and busy? The good news is that with a minimalist lifestyle applied to your wardrobe and to your interior design, you can truly simplify and streamline your life. This way you will be less frazzled. Also, this approach to life will save you money since you will not be as focused on buying stuff as before. As a result, you can forget about trying to keep up with your peers in everything they buy. You have the right to be yourself when it comes to your desire to be a minimalist. It does not mean looking frumpy or buying everything second hand. You can still look good and have nice things, minimalism is about less unnecessary things as opposed to nothing.

Helpful Hints for a Minimalist Wardrobe

Being a minimalist does not mean you have to dress only in drab colours. Anchoring your wardrobe with some basic colour staples will easily allow you to pair items of clothing, This is particularly handy if you want to dress in a more lively fashion or introduce a splash of colour. With this in mind, you don’t need hundreds of pairs of black trousers, just a couple will do. Then you can pair them with a few colourful shirts when the mood strikes. To make your minimalist wardrobe appear more extensive to others, you can change your look with a few scarves, blazers and cardigans. For ladies, a skirt or dress is a handy item for special occasions.

Minimalism and Interior Design

After a long day at work in a hectic and fast-paced office, minimalism creates a more tranquil environment in your home. It can bring a sense of peace and harmony to help you relax and unwind. Minimalism means getting rid of clutter and keeping only what is essential. This makes clean up simpler and faster. Regarding decor, a large painting or picture anchors a room well instead of many small paintings. A vase adds some elegance, while a mirror can help create the illusion of space. Bookcases provide good storage and allow you to display photos and a few mementoes. A basic, solid coloured sofa and one or two armchairs will complete your living room nicely allowing you to enjoy your minimalist aesthetic.